Nasty C & Runtown – Said [Full Audio]

Nasty C & Runtown – Said MP3.

Nasty C & Runtown - Said

Nasty C & Runtown – Said South African Young Hyena Nasty C unveiled his most anticipated summer collaboration with Runtown, You should for sure know the new audio is dubbed “Said”.

Undoubtedly, 2017 has been a great year for Nasty C with different collaborations & Awards locally and internationally, His recent rap single “031” is finding ways to the Top on Music Charts Already.

Likewise Ghetto University Crooner Runtown, His “Mad Over You” Single was rotated repeatedly in both Radio & TVstations, His latest track “For Life” which is one or the other way related to “Mad Over You” was widely accepted globally.

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Nasty C & Runtown collaboration on “Said” made the best beauty out of the beast, Count “Said” by Nasty C & Runtown one of African widest collaboration in 2017.

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Hit up the download button to “Said” by Runtown & Nasty C Below, Sharing this one of a kind Hit is inevitable.

Nasty C & Runtown – Said MP3


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  1. Nice Music Runtown kill it

  2. thanks alot nasty we love you

  3. Great song.✊

    Issa flames???

  4. I luv ur music runtown very much kip it up?

  5. Nasty c i love ur songs and i love u may God bless u

  6. Nice1….ur song issa flames

  7. Blood keep it up


  9. “i remember them telling me no no”
    i love this song

  10. I luv ths song guys

  11. I really like your songs

  12. crazy about this song

  13. this song is hot wen I mean hot burning?????????

  14. yenz amashala ??? I love it!!❣

  15. Yenza amashala ??? I love it!!❣

  16. An awesome Colaboration of Runtown and Nasty C a fantastic music

  17. The collaboration was awesome…. The song was wow!!!! I love the song…..

  18. Nyc one nasty n runtown kip t up..loving de song

  19. this shit is still cooking, really love the song ?????????

  20. This song is wow

  21. i loooooove this song gyz

  22. wow tt song z amazing……l lyk it….

  23. nice song …..
    nice collaboration…..
    nice artists…..

  24. Lungani Lungstar Chagi

    Hot track from these guyz

  25. nice one runtown i love it

  26. Nashe/Dryden chinofura

    Nasty is best guys (I really really do love your lines)

  27. great track on dot

  28. said_isdope-for_days

  29. I love this song they are telling me no no no

  30. fullthanks nast and town,i AM mozambican,dont spiker fine inglêsh, more this bet is ver nc

  31. nasty c is da I love da song.

  32. nice song guys love u

  33. I really love this song guys you are among the best trust me love u

  34. I love this song love u

  35. wow…nice one runtown

  36. nasty c I stand with u.

  37. nice one guys keep it on

  38. this song is the #1 bravo to C&Town

  39. I stand with u Nasty C & Ratown its nice guys keep it up. Luv u

  40. Runtown the best

  41. Runtown the best

  42. una bam…
    bamming tinz

  43. una bam jare…
    bamming tinz

  44. Best hit ever 2017/2018

  45. Yeah u got this ratown

  46. One love bro

  47. OMG,i love this is song ..

  48. OMG,I love this song..

  49. This song na the highest

  50. The song is killing it, am impressed keep it nasty bruhz.

  51. The song is killing it, am impressed, keep it nasty a huge fun

  52. love dis jam well done guys

  53. Mad Jam

  54. Nasty i really like ur song keep it up

  55. makin wounders

  56. I love tecno music and runtown

  57. nice rapping

  58. nice rapping by nasty c

  59. wow….luv u guys

  60. do you need a sugar mummy call +2348132147112

  61. Mad jam ???

  62. mad jam ????

  63. I love it too

  64. nasty c with the beat,
    runtown with the voice

  65. nasty c nice one ft runtown the bad guy

  66. nasty c 9ice one ft runtown the bad guy

  67. This song is like wft, so dope

  68. Daveyed_ is my IG page go and check it

  69. You are sure the best☺

  70. Wow the song is damn good, love it

  71. Shout out 2 runtown n nasty c

    U guys really tried,I luv u guys

  72. O my God Runtown and Nasty C this guys are the coolest kid in africa, mad jam from this two guys coke studio i love u guys continue more guys i love u. from Ojj

  73. u killed it yooo

  74. this son is a hit, keep it up guys

  75. Great on this one runtown this actually the first time am writing a comments men you guys killed me with this

  76. dessy goodyWow so amazing lov it

    Wow so amazing lov it

  77. Wow so amazing lov it

  78. Runtown my best in music,i love all ur songs

  79. Nice track indeed

  80. nice one!!!keep it up

  81. The song was brilliant I love that nasty keep it up

  82. the song is rocking ….I love it ….Kip it up Nasty C n Runtown

  83. This guys are music killers

  84. Danjumalawrence did songs is dope keep on

  85. nice one, from both artists.. nasty and run town..

  86. killing it nastily

  87. THIS is dope, nic shot guyz it killing

  88. u made it for real this shit will ever
    to kill

  89. Big up my man Runtown….

  90. Nigga I swear I nailed it down hommies dole jam I hail u nasty c….

  91. am filling the beat

  92. Nice one guyz.remember back denn. no no

  93. The song waz a massive hit!

  94. Am not a plastic fan …..keep it up boss

  95. I really enjoy this song nice one.

  96. Nice work from u guys, I love this song

  97. I really enjoy all your songs but said is d 1 I like most for me may God continue to bless your hustle

  98. I love dis song so mch is making me going crazy

  99. Ur killing it Nasty C


  101. You always make ma day runtown.

  102. See na runtown n nasty I am speechless I lack words to describe how sweet this your song iis ?????????????

  103. It is annoying

  104. IKECHUKWU destiny chukwuemeka

    I love this music e bust my Head

  105. sharp music

  106. I love dis music

  107. I love this song,u killed it nasty c

  108. This song z making me go crazy

  109. I luv nastyc when he was singing

  110. it’s boring but my brother think he is good

  111. I love this song Runtown you are a lover

  112. I love the song,,,,it’s my fav,,,

  113. nasty c you are killing cool music love it

  114. I wouldn’t make it but I make it anyway, it’s a motivational music #thumbs up

  115. So touching & e make sense



  118. I love good music….nasty and town just did it………

  119. nice songs nasty c kip it up broh

  120. ignoring chidinma

    wow am so in love with this song

  121. Nasty ilove ur song and you runtown

  122. I love you guys songs

  123. ??? am inluv wit de song

  124. isreal andthe zambiapolitical

    am enjoying this song my guy nasty c come to zambia


    I like your songs my guy kep it up come to zambia

  126. it is magical guys

  127. it is magical

  128. Yung Viper Roy Bee

    Nyc songs my hommie’s Nasty and de Jamaican niggaaaaaa Runtown serious man A gat u

  129. Awesome song


  131. So lovely and making sense

  132. wow blood wizkid

  133. nasty u are de real deffination of a hero in rapp game.I love u die

  134. lohnan nimtur lohknan

    nasty u ar a real hero in diz rapp game.I love u die

  135. Love your lines nasty

  136. Best song ever

  137. runtown always d best

  138. I love nasty c

  139. i love u nasty c

  140. “Up with the weights I work”…#thumbs up guys @Nasty C x Runtown…Love both the song and the video…

  141. Classic song

  142. I luv nasty c songs.

  143. I love this song

  144. Nasty C,your song is killing it. Please continue to do you and always worship and serve God and i believe he will bless you and you will make it in life.May God be with you, hope to see you in heaven on the final day

  145. i jst luv d both of them

  146. Rundown world wild lovely music nasty kill the rape

  147. Runtown kill the beat nasty rape on

  148. Newness Arthur from Swedru.

    Nasty C,your song is killing it for me. I love it so much and God bless you for it.But,my heart was broken when I found out you had a girlfriend, i have always wished to be your girlfriend. Please don’t think i am joking, i love you and i will keep on praying till I become your girlfriend. If you can search for me for true love comes only once.

  149. Newness Arthur from Swedru.Ghana

    Nasty C,your song is killing it for me. I love it so much and God bless you for it because you motivated me to put the Labour on full effect. But my heart was broken when I found out you had a girlfriend, I have always wished to be your girlfriend and God knows how much it weighs. Please don’t think i am joking about it. I Love You So much and i will keep on praying till I become your girlfriend. Please do search for me and i will not stop crying everyday until you do.please don’t judge me or mock me when you read this.i am waiting.

  150. OMG this music collaboration is Dope, best Jam

  151. Its good for real congratulations to you bro do the same.

  152. I so much love this music nice one

  153. these songs are #dope#
    feeling it

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