Wizkid – Manya [Full Audio]

Wizkid – Manya MP3.

Wizkid - Manya

Wizkid – Manya, Highly Rated Nigerian Recording Artist Wizkid unveils his own year end banger, Wizkid titles this “Manya”, Starboy as popularly called teams up with Mutay of Legendury Beatz for “Manya” Production.

“Manya” is a track by Wizkid released sequel to “Everytime” featuring American Trapper Future, Wizkid had never failed to deliver hit upon hits, He appeared on Tekno’s smash hit “Mama” not long which people are wilding nuts for, He wastes no time in discharging another December banger for his fans titled “Manya”.

You will soon have the video to “Manya” as Wizkid had to Shoot the video at New Afrika Shrine, Trust me “Manya” is surely a December Shaker, Stream & Download below. Full audio produced by Killer Tunes.

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Download Wizkid – Manya MP3

Download VIDEO: Mut4y X Wizkid – Manya MP4

Updated: May 30, 2018 — 1:00 am


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  1. dope track bro wizzy!

  2. rada rada I hate dis guy wit passion

  3. with much love wwwiiizzz baby

  4. Gud and cool music

  5. Haters go dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Nice one bro

  7. I love your music
    I am with the boss
    obo baddest

  8. sweet music

  9. I swear down, wizzy is just for the fame, obo gat our heart.. and always kilss it

  10. it reli making sense ..real 1

  11. dope jam up wizzy

  12. Clear road for star boy onitsha

  13. what is WizKids singing.dis song is nonsense

  14. People will hate on u but it makes more sense when u know ur value and don’t give a s** abt wat dey tink. hate him @lizzy but u can’t be like him. NVR! he’s kepin it real my dear like it of get a F***. One love man!Wizzyyy D ceo

  15. I love da song manya bt hate da singer dat is u wizkid my mentor is davido obeyo badess love davido and hate u wizkid

  16. joy maga u r mad wiz is d boss

  17. joy maga u r mad wiz is d boss

  18. Love dis song #lit wizzy#

  19. y u wan u ur two leg taest weda river deep, make una leave wizzz and chop shit and die

  20. No way so would Don de speak igbo it is a serious issue
    But I like the song
    Nice one bro?

  21. I just love this wizkid of a guy
    Starboy rocks
    Davido come see your mentor

  22. Usherloaded Entertainment

    I love WizKids before but now this this day I hate him especially daddy too upcoming artist can never sing the poor soon…. The voice is is weak why …. Wizkid is good but how many artist they remix his song hnm!! David you to much Millions of Artist they Do OBO Refix…….

  23. Wizzy is de boss himself wizkd is my mentor for music industry

  24. I love the song , keep it up babanla

  25. The song is good anyway but….

  26. Daddy Yo is the Gifted and does not needs anyones remix or give a fuck of what ever you think in your mother fucking heart… Wiz is still the Boss go Tell that boss of yours ObO fuck hell and get pregnant cus Wiz Gat the HEAVENS OKAY@ all you haters of the STAR BOY WORLD……Wish you what you wish Him like he has said Earlier on…..

  27. I love you wizkid

  28. very sweet music wizzy Star boy i love day song

  29. F*ck you wizkid nonsense music manya

  30. wizzy u be baba Na who one try

  31. i love this track

  32. f*ck u daddy yo nonsense sung

  33. faggsonkwada@gmail.com

    am always feeling this music
    well done wizkid 👏👍

  34. Wizkid for life

  35. Wizkid for life

  36. Manya kills de brain. Good jam

  37. Wizkid na baba

  38. Daddy yo For life

  39. did music name blast

  40. I’ve always love ya muzik right from on set….

  41. wizkid all the way, I love you man nice one, you’re the best..

  42. Wizkid go die stupid song just listen to davido song na your mentor okay stupid star boy

  43. I wonder why many fanatic fans of wiz kid and Davido likes to created argument on the two talented artist. I’m an obo fan but got lots of respect for wizzy. They both great in their own way.so stop all this superemacy argument and just enjoy good music from the two wonderful guys.

  44. Wizkid had been killing it with his songs I love you

  45. Wizkid has been killing it I love you wizzy my dream is to see you if possible

  46. I love dis track merry Xmas wizzy

  47. my boos u too good abeg

  48. my boos u too good abeg

  49. I love the song

  50. I love it

  51. Davido, for ur information the sung is lovely so to hell with ur fuck
    And u too damzide
    Luv u wizzy

  52. hi haters,why don’t u use dis much time you are dedicating to troll around here and go support your idol on his OWN page,wic I’m sure he needs.you all are just pathetic losers with zero worth in d society.who your existence EPP self..I’m sure u guys are a disappointment to your families and daz why u target wizkid to feel better.please carry your frustration somewhere else and let us his fans show our love.we love and respect him,we are not insecure about his talent cos he is d best out there as far as Nigeria is concerned,take it or leave it.so,please help your idol develop his zero to nothing talent,I could recommend some academies for him.go wizzybaby! u rock!

  53. Ilove dis one …asin i dey feel u die…make haters go gaga…davido cum nd learn frm d boss of all bosses

  54. M loving dis one…asin i dey feel u die ….make haters go gaga…davido cum nd learn frm ur boss oo

  55. Hey guys both of dem r gud so don’t insult wizkid he z nt ur mate respect ur elder dz pple bt i love devido more bt respect wizkid’s staly

  56. Manya by WizKid is absolutely OK to me
    Infact it is incomparable, Star boy real nigger oooooooooooo!

  57. wizkid I like yo music god bless you wizz

  58. day boy love de song manya

  59. i fel u Wizzy is ur boy mr ice

  60. In fact I luv u wizzy I luv ur muzik and all dat.my man crush abeg no mind bad belles OK.heart u plenty

  61. This song is little good but davido have stolen my heart so I’ll always keep loving davido

  62. This song is kiling me,much Luv wizkid,shine on.

  63. Wizkid is really the “STARBOY”.

  64. wizkid don’t mind mind what the haters r gonna say u r a gud singer .wizkid for life

  65. Dis wizzy babay is da best in 9ja muzik industry. So, haters roll out of d field wit red card. My family and got lot of love for d lil boi.. Make una take tym b4 Manya fall 4 una head

  66. Dis wizzy babay is da best in 9ja muzik industry. So, haters roll out of d field wit red card. My family and got lot of love for d lil boi.. Make una take tym b4 Manya fall 4 una bad head

  67. Starboy 4 life

  68. Wikid 4 life

  69. Nice track I trust u my guy u always deliver

  70. nize jam star boy

  71. WizKid 4 life, Obo 4 life too, as an artist they two inspire me.


  73. Both wizid and davido are good arts.I really respect them a lot, those of you who prefer one to the other, it’s okay but pls stop insulting the other one you dislike. They both complement each other if you ask me.

  74. pls guys stop comparing wizkid nd davido they are making their money, nd they are special in several ways,,making any sense??

  75. Thank you my gay god bless you,star boy I love you soo much.

  76. fuck all the heaters

    ? king Wizzy
    u are the best.

  77. fuck all the heaters

    King ? Wizzy is the best

  78. Wizkid i like your music but show love

  79. Wizkid is a good heater god bless you for me wizkid

  80. star boy u tomush

  81. Wizkid I Like Ur Music

  82. I love you bro, keep it up

  83. for cryin out loud davido and wizkid are both talented artist besides they are now friends please stop all this just because u are a fan of davido doesn’t mean u have to hate wizkid they are both famous and rich and u nobody knows u pls do sumtin useful with ur tym instead of hating abeg dem dy pay u

  84. Kenneth tarkee scamp

    Manya is for believing men, like wizzy and not for Jul, if u hate this track beta go and hang urself,manya ?

  85. Cool jam bro Wizkid keep it up

  86. i love d song,but O.B.O on onboard….

  87. manya manya dey go Wizzy boi

  88. guy manual is life



  91. i love this hit. its greatoooo!!!.

  92. Holy star or stanley

    I love your music keep it up star boy

  93. wizzy da boss,
    u de bestof emm all??

  94. I love wizkid

  95. owen muchindu aka star boy

    i will owez b wth u i lyk ur music

  96. what a nice song

  97. wizyboi dis ur luv dey gbakam isi oo.. manya manya oo
    U too much bro the only one dat drop the hit with the language the whole world understand..not by noise

  98. Wizzy wizzy u are going higher mean, u came u saw u conquer

  99. baba na u dey rain ooo

  100. wizkid is a good singer but I is fans dey anyhow big up to bro but am olamide fill blood fan I can go crazy because of olamide big to Ybnl nation

  101. I want to be musician guys some should please help me out

  102. Guys please help me out i want to sing a song please God bless you

  103. Wizzy baba nla won!

  104. I like your music but am with the bahd guy, falz

  105. wizy congratulation!

  106. dope track wiz ????

  107. WIZZY is full of surprises, he is badoo, who is davido to compare to wizkid, both in music, talent, gentleness, smartness, wiseness, industrious, hard working, start from scratch.
    You can never compare the two, wizkid is the best all the way.

  108. nice song

  109. I love starboi teams records

  110. y una,day drink panadol for person headach d two of them is,okey.so stop talk because they will nt give u a dim

  111. classic star boy

  112. A Musician Is Always A Musician,nobodi Is Can Sing Beta Get It Into Yur Fucking Skull.

  113. i passionately love it

  114. this is my guy


    Starboy On Top…Tell obo to stepback…Wizzy nah my mentor cause i gah strong voice to sing like wizzy..nobody gah voice pass wizkid in music industry,GO FINDOUT.


    Starboy on top…tell obo baddest to stepback..cause wizzy nah my mentor & i gah strongvoice to singing like wizzy,nobody gah voice pass wizkid in music industry GO FINDOUT..STARBOY..UP…UP…UP.

  117. i love u wizkid…u are d best…if davido get mind mk e go sing wit drake na..abeg one love to u wizkid e nr easy

  118. baba you dam oo

  119. baba just like me to be with you now oh damn I love you music

  120. Brother no bi lie wizzzzkidd for life,let d hatter’s hat, we d love ones will continue loving him, en we pray dat blessing will keep continue coming his way…………(ameen)

  121. One love wizkidayor

  122. wizkid for life

  123. Stand by ur side bro

  124. I love this music

  125. baba nla fs to your destination

  126. Mr emmyNERO--- Muzik nick

    Wizzi u be chorus master ^^ 2 u but am interested in Muzik but no one to support me effectively@07084275953^^emmanuelledornu@gmail.com

  127. Mr emmyNERO--- Muzik nick

    Wizzi u be Chorus Master a beg u 4much am an upcoming musician but nobody 2 support me am fully interested in Muzik==07084275953”emmanuelledornu@gmail.com

  128. wizked the best.. 2 me. millions may hate u but still some will still stand 4 u. so never give up. U still have many fanse beside u..

  129. Frans Haingura Siranda

    you the best boywizy

  130. Mr Blezzo De Badess

    dis is latest infat manya is a muzik dat cn ppl 2 a swit plz

  131. star boy my man

  132. cool music

  133. wizi u too much bro ilove too

  134. wizkid you too much,I put this music as one of the best music in the year.

  135. It doesn’t matter who d best is, d song make sence

  136. Not so bad

  137. Star boy super Star

  138. itx jay khalifa hero

    nyc sng i lyk it nd it popula

  139. nice one wizzy wizzo

  140. wizzy baby you are real..ur boi welz is very talented in music… come and sponsor ur boi….u are real wizzy…

  141. Hmmm U Really Got Nothing To Do. I Like Them Both

  142. Anyone who doesnt like wizkid,are not in this 21st century,abeg go village.Wizzy boy make we dance.

  143. Anyone who no like wizkid is not in this 21st century,abeg locate your village and leave it for the tops.Wizzy boy make we dance.

  144. i luv this song

  145. Obo is good but not good enough wizkid keep going

  146. hut one boss,love you with all my live–it Mr focus @DON starboy

  147. star boy am feeling ur song

  148. star boy for life feeling ur song

  149. I love
    all your music,including soco, nowo and manya so wonderful, am a dancer feel like dancing in your video

  150. congrat wiz

  151. amazing track

  152. Ur are my desirable musician wizz up up wizzy baby

  153. Ur are my desirable musician wizz up up wizzy baby

  154. Wizkid is the best artist i ever known in th world

  155. Lagos vibes love the beating..number one in Africa

  156. Sydneychipasha5@gmail.com

    ya ithink wiz is gud bhut obo z the baddest love u davido

  157. Kigali vibes…..u made ma day wizkidooooooo much much love ❤ to youuuuu

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